Data in Maintenance & Reliability

Since my studies in Manchester University, where I studied MSC in Maintenance Engineering & Asset Management, I have always been interested by Data and how we tend to use it to further our Maintenance & Reliability processes.

My MSc thesis titled: “Data collection and its use to advance maintenance management and maintenance practices to support business objectives” discusses it in great details.

So why post a little blog about it? Well, I wanted to get a discussion going about the three main focus areas once you have decided what data to collect.

1. Data collection systems: How can we effectively use them for our benefits? The systems are many and the data is of various natures. There are for example the graphs from our vibration program, the thermal images from our IR program, a lot of statistical data from various systems like ERP, EAM, CMMS, Cost & Profit from accounting data systems… and the list can be quite long. With all of those systems how can we collect all the data and send it to the Data processing systems to be processed effectively and efficiently?

2. Data processing systems: These systems can vary in nature and function. Usually these systems are as many as our techniques to collect data. To effectively process the data it is a key factor to gather the data in a perfectly uniform way. This can be challenging to do and we will need great work processes to be able to get this right.

3. Information output systems: The quality of the results depends greatly first on the quality and amount of the data collected, secondly on the way we process the data and finally on how we interpret the information that comes out of the information output systems. It is crucial for the quality of the decisions made to have the data uniformly collected, processed and put out of the information systems.

In conclusion, it is a three-step process:
1. Collect the data.
2. Process the data.
3. Output information.

After these three steps we will need to make decisions that benefit our Maintenance & Reliability process and the positive effect of those decisions will depend greatly on the quality and uniformity of each step in the process. 

Data collection systems - Data processing systems - Information output systems

Data collection systems - Data processing systems - Information output systems

I would appreciate all of your comments and discussions here below, thank you for your time and interest in my Blog.


Hello world! Now it is time for my Maintenance & Reliability Blogging to start… I hope you will enjoy it.

It has been, for a long time, my intention to start a Maintenance & Reliability Blog. So with the new year coming I decided to start.

With the challanges of the past year almost behind me I am looking forward to another year focusing on the business of making a sustainable Reliable and Maintainable manufacturing process even better.

Looking back I can see we have achieved a lot, focusing most of the time on the right points. Of course one always becomes wise after the fact and the would have, should have, could have mentality sneaks in but the important thing is to take those “failures” and learn from them.

Somebody once said that Experience is only an accumulation of all the failures we have learned from, the trick is to use that experience at the right times in the future.

I am looking forward to sharing my posts with you in the future and please do not be shy to comment on what ever I say and write.

Warmest regards, Bjarni Ellert Ísleifsson, CMRP